Gorilla Trekking Discounts in Rwanda.

For a Species that was once critically endangered, The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo have seen an increase in the number of these Gentle Giants and this has come with benefits beyond measure for not only for their host communities/Countries but also the Gorillas themselves as well. 

The number of Gorillas has increased from approximately 250 Individuals in the 1970s to now more than 1044 Individuals. 

Host countries have seen an influx of International and Local Tourists flock the Jungles of Rwanda and Uganda to Trekk these Gentle Giants. Rwanda alone had about 512,000 Guests Trekking these Apes that share 98% of Human DNA before Covid-19 Crept it. To protect them from contracting the virus, Gorilla Tourism was put on hold for all Host countries. 

Thankfully, Covid-19 is gone, and Host countries have looked for ways to boost local Gorilla Tourism again. 


Rwanda in particular rolled out Discounts on Gorilla Trekking Permits for Foreign Residents in Rwanda, East African Citizens as well as African Citizens. 

Foreign Residents and Africa Citizens would  be able to purchase Gorilla Permits for a 0.3% of the Original Gorilla Trekking Permit Price of 1500. Meanwhile they would have to get a Permit at 500 USD. East African Citizens would be able to get Gorilla Permits at 200 USD. As auch, they has been a steady rise in Gorilla Tourism post Covid-19. 

In light of this, the Government of Rwanda this year decided to extend the Gorilla Trekking Discounts above up until December 31st 2023….A boost for Local Tour Operators as well. 

The Catch now though is, you would have to book your Gorilla Permit atleast a month in advance during peak season – Which is June – October 2023.

As always, Ritz Safaris Ltd will be atthe forefront of pushing these discounts, Gorilla Trekking, Local tourism as well as conservation of these Great Cousins of ours. As a vibrant, Youth led Tour and Travel Company, we not only pride in sustainable Eco Tourism and conservation, giving back to community but we also take pride in giving you the most memorable experiences ever coupled with value for money on your Travel in Rwanda and Uganda….. Probably with Gorilla Trekking on your itinerary and Bucket list. 

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your Rwandan/Ugandan Experience and hopefully your Gorilla Trekking Adventure. 

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